Oh. I’m the only one who does this?

A favourite past time of mine for the last two years or so has been creating design boards (or mood boards as some call them).  I will see something that I love (see my “About” page for a small selection of my current obsessions!) and just cannot stop myself from creating a room around it.  Or, I manage to resist when I see one thing but then I see another that would work PERFECTLY with another thing I’ve seen and I just. can’t. stop. myself.  Recently, I saw the new IKEA furniture and although I have real issues with IKEA in Australia (have you ever seen the price difference between the US and Australian sites for IKEA – it makes me very, very angry…), I couldn’t help but fall a little in love with their emerald green velvet sofa.  And I couldn’t help but think of this amazing brass peacock side board I had seen at Life Interiors (here).  And from there I needed to see the rest of the room.  So I did a design board to scratch the itch.  Here it is:


Those fantastic cushions shown on the sofa are laser cut cow hide.  I looooove them, but they do cost a pretty penny.  They are by a woman named Michaela Menichelli who has an Etsy store (here).  It looks like she only has clutches and wallets at the moment though – which are also really beautiful!

The agate bookends are an item I would love to get for our house. They are just one of those beautiful items that should stand the test of time – because ‘beautiful’ doesn’t really get old, does it?!

And here is a different design board that I did to try to satisfy my need for a kilim rug.


For this one, I set myself the challenge of having to use our own sofa, our existing pale green ceramic lamp, and our existing pink cushions (top row, far right) and yellow cushion (middle row, left).  Now that I am writing this down, I realise I sound like a weirdo.  It’s like my own game show for interior design….

Anyhooooo…. the ikat print on the bottom left would be used to cover our existing ottoman.  Side tables are West Elm, floor light is Beacon Lighting and the rug image is from Etsy but if I was buying one seriously, I would get it on EBay (from a US seller) and have it shipped here.  There are a number of Aussie stores (high end boutique ones) that sell these rugs but they cost about $1500 each for a big one.  Get it shipped from the US and it would be about half the price.

So there you go. My dirty little secret is out.  I do design boards. All the time.  For nonexistent rooms in a house I don’t own.  Yep, not weird at all….

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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