The Midas Touch

I love a bit of gold. Actually, I love more than a bit.  I really love it. Not the brassy 80’s gold finish but a slightly deeper gold or a matt gold.  Recently on Instagram I entered a competition run by House of Lulu (find them at to win an artwork (sadly, I didn’t win it) but the pic for the competition was this:


Now, if you are like me, your eye may have actually gone straight to the gold object in the pic first (rather than the cute artwork they were giving away!) and you would have thought to yourself, ‘Well, gosh. That looks fabulous – and like it would be easy to make!’  And so the easiest DIY I have ever done was created.  I went to my backyard and picked out two rocks.  I must admit that ideally I would have gotten one larger rock but I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else so had to go with what I could find in the backyard!  I put them in an old Huggies box (I have a BOATLOAD of these) like so:


Doesn’t look like much does it?!  In my experience though, EVERYTHING looks good spray painted in gold.  So first I dusted off the dirt.  Then I sprayed primer on one side, waited for it to dry and then did the other side of the rocks. And it looked like this:


Then I did exactly the same thing with the gold spray paint.  I sprayed it on very thickly – I actually wanted it to be a bit runny and get right into all the nooks and crannies of the rock so that it would be like a layer of liquid over the rock that then dries – to make it look more like a real gold nugget.   The final result is definitely one for the “win” column in my opinion!


I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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