Time for some audience participation!

So I think it’s time for some audience participation on the blog!  I really love vintage peacock chairs like these:


Images: http://www.californiahomedesign.com, http://www.kozykingdom.com, http://www.storiesbystella.com

Don’t they look fantastic?  Unfortunately, they are also quite expensive. Beautiful things often are! They are also very, very large and I don’t have anywhere to fit one. But I happened across a child size vintage peacock chair on EBay!  The perfect solution. Here is the chair that I found:

The starting point: a lovely vintage child-sized peacock chair.

The starting point: a lovely vintage child-sized peacock chair.

I loved it so much I just bought it.  It only occurred to me after I had it that this chair is not really suitable for two little boys.  I am all for not stereotyping my boys and I often dress them in pink, Will has a baby girl doll (inventively named “Baby”), etc etc.  But this is a very pretty chair.  And I don’t want the boys to kill it.  Will is a cannonball and Alex is a climber.  I did manage to protect it from Will for a year but Alex has been the deciding factor for having to move this chair on to a new home.  He climbs.  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  Including this chair.  Which is made of wicker/rattan and is very, very light.  It tips over in a good wind, let alone with a one year old on it.  There have been one too many head bumps, so it has to go.

This is where the audience participation comes in!  I am going to paint this chair and wanted to offer up two ideas:

– Firstly, do you have a little girl whose room would look gorgeous with a chair like this?  I offer this beautiful image from Down That Little Lane as inspiration:

This chair retails for $399 at DTLL.  If anyone would like to have a similar chair, I’d love to sell mine for a bargain price of $90. I will paint it in any colour you like! You could go with bright pink as above, or turquoise, yellow, mint green, clean white – the options are endless 🙂  If anyone would like to add this chair to their child’s room, please email me at adornation@outlook.com . Obviously, you will need to live in Sydney to take up this offer, so that I can deliver the chair to you! Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested in buying the chair – the more the merrier.  First in, gets the chair!

– Secondly, in case no one does want the chair for themselves, please leave me a comment with what colour you would like to see it painted in! If I don’t get any takers in the next week or so for buying the chair, I will tally up the votes (so please, please, please leave a comment with your vote!) and that will determine the colour.  Then I will EBay it and we will see how we go in selling our joint effort!

9 thoughts on “Time for some audience participation!

  1. If I didn’t have two little boys as well, I would definitely have bought the chair off you ’cause I LOVE them, too! Personally, I like them in classic white (I had white cane furniture in my room as a kid, so maybe I’m looking through nostalgic eyes), but it could also be a great accent piece in a really bright colour. Good luck with the sale.

    • If I do sell it on EBay Lisa, I think you are right – white is the wisest choice and would go with almost any room. But my heart wants to see it in a pretty colour. To really make it a totally girly, gorgeous piece! I wish I could sew as I would make a coordinating cushion for it. Can’t sew for crap though….

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