A Reader Redesign: Belinda’s Bathroom

A couple of times I have been asked if I can provide some help in figuring out how to make a particular room look a bit better. I immediately say, “Yes – I’d LOVE to!” then I feel flattered, then I feel nervous, and then I get excited.  You may have noticed that I love doing design boards and although I am no expert, I like to think they look ok and can help someone get some new ideas for a room.

So, with the permission of these people, I am going to share these rooms and my suggestions here on the blog!  I am calling these a “Reader Redesign” (a few other blogs do, as well). I am hoping that anyone who has a room they aren’t sure what to do with will consider emailing me (adornation@outlook.com) with a few pics so I can keep doing more of these.  And yes, it’s free! You don’t even have to follow any of my suggestions – I know my mum certainly hasn’t 🙂

I think it will be pretty obvious with the first few of these (which I will post over the next few weeks), that I don’t include super expensive items or things that are custom made or hard to get.  I work within the sort of budget that most of us have: not much!!

My friend Belinda recently moved to a lovely new house but the main bathroom had her a bit stumped.  It isn’t really her style but they don’t have the motivation or budget to do a renovation.  So they need a couple of ideas to make the existing finishes look a bit better.  Here are two pics of her bathroom so you can see what we are working with:


ImageYes, that is a rose border.  I think it’s probably the “heritage” style that was popular in the mid-90’s.  Maroon and forest green were very popular then. The vanity has been updated recently though, which is great, and there is plenty of space and light! It has the bones of a good bathroom.

My first design board uses everything as it is in the pics above, without any changes at all.  The Heritage Look that people went for was a modern take off of the traditional look and sometimes you should think about joining them instead of beating them.  With that in mind, here is the first idea of how to make this room have a bit more presence:

ImageI have tried to give the room a 1920’s/30’s feel and make it vintage and cool rather than 90’s. A vintage sign plus some Art Deco style art work (these are from Etsy) with a modern version of a floral used on the towels. A damask print towel would also work well.  The final touch would be an Art Deco glass bowl/vase (try Vinnies, Etsy or EBay for similar) for either some fresh flowers or soaps, etc.  If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could add curtains to the window such as these:

Laura Ashley Josette Cotton Shower Curtain

These ones cost $40 and are actually a shower curtain, available from Overstock.com (who do ship a lot of things to Australia).  Seeing as they are a shower curtain, they are fine with a slightly steamier environment! Rest assured they are not plastic, but material and would look very nice on a window!

The second option works with the colour palette of maroon and white but assumes that the floral feature tile is painted out. There are pins galore on how to paint tiles.  Or if you very ambitious you can find DIY tutorials for how to get single tiles out. But that would take a while! But back to the other design board.  I went with a nautical theme but not in the traditional blue and white colour palette.  Without further ado…

ImageThe art prints and coral bowl are from Etsy (just search coral bowl or red coral art and you will have plenty of choices). The rope ball (you would put a few in the canvas basket) and canvas basket are both from Target and the towels are from Marks and Spencer (in the UK, who ship for FREE to Australia!) By using a different colour palette I hope that this avoids being too kitsch.

So there we go!  My first Reader Redesign – let me know what you think, or even better: email me a room you’d like help with and I will see what I can come up with 🙂

One thought on “A Reader Redesign: Belinda’s Bathroom

  1. I really like the first one, especially the Art Deco touches. We had some bathrooms in our house growing up, with the black and white tile popular in the 1920s and 30s; I like your addition of reds and blacks.

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