Christmas Crafternoon

Ah, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.  You seem to be whooping my butt this year.  I am astounded that in two weeks it will be Xmas Eve.  eek!  All the gifts for the nieces and nephews are sorted as are the gifts for my husband and myself. I bought myself my gifts this year. It’s just easier! Usually we pick something we want together – one year it was a new laptop, once it was a buffet for the dining room, for example.  But this year we decided to do some small gifts for each other.

But I digress.  This is about a Christmas Craft I did with my three year old, Will, last week. About once a month I try to do something with Will that gives us one on one time when Alex is napping.  Maybe painting outside, planting some marigolds, etc.  All simple things that only take about an hour at the most.

On my last trip to Bunnings I came across this air dry clay:

ImageFor less than $10 I thought it was worth a try.  Here is what we used:

ImageThose are the rolling pin and cookie cutters from my son’s IKEA play kitchen!  Plus a craft knife (obviously Will didn’t use that!), a screw, and an old cuff of mine that I straightened out to use as a stamp.

The process was super easy – roll out the clay, make your shapes with a cookie cutter, do any drawing/stamping on it, push the screw through to make a hole for some string later, then lay it out to dry for 24 hours.  We managed to make a few:

ImageFor the two hearts at the top right I tried using a cake stencil to make a pattern. Not successful – I had to go over all the pattern with the tip of the screw so you could see it.  The cuff, which is metal, worked very well as a stamp so I would stick with anything metal or a solid plastic to make patterns as you need to be able to give it a good push to get the imprint.  We also did a few ornaments with the boys’ thumbprints on them. Two with Will’s and one with Alex’s, since he’d woken up from his nap by the time we were finishing up.

After a day, I put some string through the holes on them and we hung them up on the tree!

ImageIn the  week since, three of them have been broken. Guess it was too good to be true that something this simple could work AND survive 2 little boys…. The ornaments are the consistency of a cookie/biscuit and are probably not going to last till next Christmas. But I am going to have a shot at trying again (since I still have 80% of the clay left) to do some more with the metal cuff.  It was by far the most effective tool to add interest to the ornaments.  I may try painting one to see what happens!

And if nothing else, Will had a great time playing with the clay and seeing his ornaments up on the tree!  That’s worth it in my book 🙂

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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