Black Lacquer Love – A Jewellery Box Makeover

Our old house used to have a shelf in the wardrobe that held all my jewellery.  So did the house before.  This house does not.  This means that the large jewellery box I bought 5 or 6 years ago to hold as much as possible, was not a looker.  But it is pretty big and holds quite a lot!  And it was still in good nick – it works fine. So I decided that rather than look around and buy a new one, I would try to revamp my existing one.  I love black lacquer boxes and wanted to try to recreate that look on my cheap wooden veneer jewellery box.  So here is what I did:

Start with old box, and give it a light sanding and dust off.   I then used tape to tape off inside the openings of the box. I have learned the hard way to ALWAYS tape off around openings or you get overspray in there somehow and it looks like crap and is hard to make look nice later.  Then I did a coat of primer.  This is another lesson I’ve learned – a spray job always looks better if you use a primer underneath.

ImageImageAfter this, I did the gloss black spray.  I think this was my first go with a gloss black instead of matt black and it is much harder to work with. ANYTHING shows up in it! Every speck of dust shows up.  I ended up needing to do multiple coats and figured out the best way to do it was to spray it outside but then drag the cardboard into the garage to dry to minimise dust, etc getting on it.  It still isn’t perfect, but it is acceptable and you can only see little imperfections on close inspection. I can live with that.

When I finished, I realised it needed some sort of decoration. Originally I had planned to use paper doilies as a stencil to create some spray patterns on it, but the holes in the doily were too small to make a good pattern and fixing the paper down without damaging the surface was nearly impossible so I needed a new plan.  I have been loving agate a lot lately so I jumped on EBay and found a pretty piece of agate.  It arrived and was a bit smaller than I had thought.  (Totally my fault, as it did list the dimensions but I just thought the box was smaller than it is and that the agate would look bigger on top!) So I had to improvise a little more.  I went to Bunnings and wandered around to find something to use.  I found a gold nut in the hardware section and a small rectangular cardboard plate – these items cost me all of about $2. I took the cardboard home and sprayed it gold. Then realised I should have taken a pic of it for you all before I sprayed it! oops.  So I took a pic of the back after it dried so you can see what it looked like before I sprayed it.  It wasn’t much to look at:

ImageI used some gold spray paint on the edges of the agate piece and then used super glue to fix the nut to the bottom of the agate and then put them both onto the gold cardboard plate then onto the box, like so:

ImageAnd voila!  A revitalised jewellery box that doesn’t look quite so boring in my room!


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