I almost forgot to do some boys nurseries!

Well, apologies to all five of you who read this blog, but I took a bit of a break over Xmas from blogging!  I hadn’t intended to, but with Xmas, then friends staying for a few days and then 5 days up the coast for some RnR, time just flew and now it is suddenly early Jan.  Of 2014.  I feel like 2013 never had a chance to settle in before 2014 muscled its way in. So without further ado, let’s get this year started!

I realised that I never posted any nursery design boards for a little baby boy.  tsk, tsk, tsk.  Let me remedy this grave oversight today.  As with anything you see on the blog, if I haven’t said where it’s from and you love it then please don’t hesitate to email or comment below and I can let you know where to buy it.  Or if you really like one of these design boards then I can provide you with a source list so you can create the room for yourself! You can also follow me on Pinterest (search for Dee Quinn) to see items I use in my boards. And I would love it if you’d like to follow me on Instagram (search for adornationblog). There is a bit more of general life, along with design sorta stuff on IG. And competitions you can enter! I love IG comps as they don’t have the crappy thing of having to say in 25 words or less why you should win the comp.  Is it just me who hates those?!  My life is actually pretty good and I am not poor so I guess if I really, really, really wanted to I could buy whatever it is myself. I have no sad story to pluck the heart strings with either – I have wonderful friends and family, and am actually very happy and truly appreciate how lucky I am to have all of these things!  But IG comps are usually just reposting a pic, following the company on IG and doing some hashtags. My kinda comp! They are also a great way to find new companies and new products from your favourite places too.

But back to baby boy nursery boards! We will start off with a bold navy and green palette for the first board.  Except for the rocking chair (from Monte Designs), this is a budget room with very affordable items. You could make it 100% budget friendly by using an IKEA Poang chair with white leather and dark wood or even a replica Eames rocker instead.


This next design is a masculine version of a neutral palette.  With black, white and walnut it creates a nursery that will work well for years to come when baby becomes a toddler and then a little boy.  Add a few personal baby items for the first year then add in some toys, etc and you can update the room just with the items they use every day.


Don’t you love the Kermit artwork above?! You can get any picture you want made up as a Lego artwork.  Personally, I love the Kermit one as I am a fan of the Muppets but you might have something with personal meaning or even a family picture could work. The side table shown is a stump of petrified wood – wood that has turned to stone – and is very durable and also happens to be quite gorgeous 🙂  The Arne Vodder chest is one my favourite pieces of furniture at the moment. I really love the flowing lines on it and how it showcases the wood grain. It also comes in oak, but I am in a walnut phase at the moment so that is my favourite.

Next up, another neutral design with a softer palette of white and grey.

ImageYou could paint the walls in a soft grey with this one or even a soft blue if you wanted to “boy” it up a bit more.  The chair in this one is a replica Grant Featherstone chair.  These are really comfy (in my opinion) and can easily be used in a lounge room later as they are not a nursery chair.  Again, this sort of room can grow with the child so you don’t have to buy new things every year or two.  The crib even converts to a toddler bed and the change table top comes off so you just have a chest of drawers once they are through the diaper/nappy stage.

Last up is my favourite design that I have done recently.  I wish I had thought it up before Alex was born!  But his board turned out pretty well as a room. (You can check it out in the Home Tour tab of the blog – it’s after the Dining Room). This board is a soothing palette of powder blue, white and oak but with a tiny punch of orange just to keep it fun.  The art work is from Etsy but this is one of those things that would be a super easy DIY – just cut out letters in felt and you could use any word or phrase you like in an IKEA Ribba frame.  You could even change up the colour a bit and have red as your punch of colour or yellow.  The one change I would make in this board is the lamp.  I would probably put in the Beacon Lighting bird lamp (which I bought in red for Alex’s nursery and you can see it in the Home Tour pics) in white.


Last up, I am going to throw in a play room design board.  I haven’t done one of these before but I put my “wishful thinking” hat on and if we had a separate room for the boys to use just for playtime/toys then how would I like it to look?  I thought something cool and industrial would be good for years to come.  So this is what I came up with!

ImageOne of my favourite items on this board is the chairs and table from Pottery Barn Kids.  They look like vintage school chairs – adorable!! And if you could do a feature wall of weathered timber it would look pretty great I think. None of these items, except the chairs and table, are expensive really – Target and IKEA are both represented 🙂

And so concludes the Nursery Design Boards series – we covered Girls Nurseries, Gender Neutral Nurseries and now Boys Nurseries.  Hopefully this has given you some ideas if you putting together your own nursery!  If you are in love with your own little one’s nursery, I would loooove to see a pic or two.  It’s always great to see pics of a room in real life and not just imagined ones on a design board!

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