A few changes ’round here!


So the new year brings some big news for my family – we are moving to Hong Kong!

Time will tell what this will mean for the blog. I expect I will be able to do fewer DIY projects due to space constraints (HK apartments are a bit squishy!) but I will be able to add in some posts on life in HK and the design influences there.

I hope that 2014 has started off well for everyone! It has certainly started with a bang for me!

8 thoughts on “A few changes ’round here!

    • Thanks so much Deb! I am following your blog; hoping that since you are a few months ahead of us in your arrival I can pick up some tips on where to live, dine, etc. I only went to HK for the first time this past week so really don’t know what I’m in for 🙂

      • Thanks, Dee! Yes, we’ve gotten to know HK relatively well in a few short months, although we still have much to explore. I would recommend not living where many of the expats live (e.g. Soho, Discovery Bay) – as nice and comfortable as those areas are, I think they don’t feel as ‘Hong Kong’ as I would like, anyway. We’re in Wan Chai, and we love it (good mix of old/new, east/west)! Sheung Wan is also a very cool, developing ‘hood (already with cool restaurants, galleries, shops etc, alongside antique and traditional Chinese shops). Kennedy Town is up and coming, but a little removed from the center of things. If you only plan to be here for a short while, I would probably steer away from New Territories/Sai Kung/Repulse Bay – they’re lovely but quite far from the heart of the city. Just my opinions, though..good luck!

      • We are definitely hoping to immerse ourselves in the HK culture – as much as we can with two little ones at least! Schooling will dictate decisions (especially where to live) much more than I thought it would! Some areas (like New Territories, DB, CW Bay, etc) are just too far for my husband’s commute as he will be working in Tai Koo Shing. Pok Fu Lam is looking promising for us – close to a number of schools, pretty quick to get to Central, plenty of shared spaces for the kids to utilise. But it depends what is available when we get there. Fingers crossed!

      • Ah yes – schooling – it dictates quite a bit for many families here! I’ve heard the application/entrance process for the private schools can be quite trying, so I wish you the best of luck with that. Planning ahead is key, from what I’m told, and it sounds like you’re already immersed, which is great. HK seems to be a great city for kids – lots of outdoor space and family-friendly activities.

        Pok Fu Lam should be a good spot. Kennedy Town nearby is an up and coming area. The only issue out ‘west’ on the island is transportation, as there is no MTR that goes that far yet (although it is extending a bit further west this year – and once you’re on the main island line, commuting is a relative breeze). Buses, trams, are still good options, if a bit slower. And taxis are actually quite reasonable here, too. I know Tai Koo a bit – my husband works in one of the corporate buildings.

        In any case, best wishes for a smooth move/transition!

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