Radiant Orchid…. Meh…

Apologies for being so late in writing a new post. If you follow me on Pinterest you would have seen I pinned images for this post a few weeks ago! But then life (read: moving to Hong Kong VERY soon) got in the way of blogging for a bit!

So lets get into this belated post quickly, shall we?! As many of you will have seen, Pantone has decided on Radiant Orchid as the Colour of the Year for 2014.


And as many of you will have seen, the response to this colour has been quite tepid! Purple is one of those colours that doesn’t often survive on the favourites list past teenage years! But as with any colour, it may not be a first choice but it can be used to great effect, particularly as an accent colour.

For those who are not familiar with Pantone, (or who are only familiar with it from all the accessories they sell with the logo on it), the Pantone Matching System is a colour standardisation system. You know how one person might say something is cream, but someone else would call it beige, or parchment, or caramel. Or in my husband’s case: brown. Well, they are all correct really but names are not that helpful for colours when different people can mean very different things! So the Pantone system allows you to be very precise with which colour you mean. Each colour is given a number – every single colour in the spectrum pretty much. This kind of simple and logical system really appeals to my engineering background!

So here are some rooms and products that I think use the colour Radiant Orchid (or close enough to it!) and look great:






I would be pretty happy with any of those rooms being in my house! And that indoor/outdoor rug is a favourite of mine, from Fab Habitat I think. With a healthy dose of neutrals, any colour can look amazing in your interior.

I remember when they decided that Tangerine Tango was the colour of 2012. I wasn’t too sure about orange in interiors but now I love it. It works in all styles from modern, to traditional:




My favourite combo for orange though, is with light blue:





I love how all of these rooms make orange elegant. Orange is not a colour I would naturally look to for an elegant room, but I think that paired with pale blue, it looks fabulous!

And of course, everyone already loved last year’s colour: Emerald. I mean, look at this gorgeousness!




So I think that Radiant Orchid may get a bit more love after it’s year of focus.

Note: All the pics used here can be found on my Pinterest boards!

P.S. this is my first time using the mobile app to write a full post. Let’s see how it turns out! I already hit ‘publish’ once accidentally, so apologies to those who get this twice 😉

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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