Navigating Etsy

One of my favourite online shopping places is Etsy. If you haven’t come across Etsy yet, it is:
A) fabulous
B) an online market where you can get pretty much anything
C) sometimes a bit overwhelming with all the choice!

So to address the last point, I thought I would give a few pointers on how I find the lovely things on Etsy (as with any market, there are certainly a few dud products on there amongst the gems!)

Firstly, I set up a login with Etsy so I could use the ‘Favourites’ buttons to save the items I like to my favourites list. That way, once you find a store or item you love, you can find it again quite easily. No point to finding the good stuff if you can’t find it again when you need it!

So my first tip is to take a look at the treasuries. These are collections of items that other people have put together. When you are just browsing, I go for the most popular ones. It’s a quick way to see a curated collection of items all relating to one theme. It might be all blue items or it may be something a bit more like an inspirational theme, like “A Summer’s Day”. For any items you like, just click on the little heart outline and it turns red to indicate that you have added the item to your favourites list. You can also add a seller to your list so if you see something you like, it can be worthwhile clicking through to the seller’s store to see their other items and maybe even ‘favourite-ing’ the store!

Next tip: you can also follow other users on Etsy – so when they add something to their favourites list, you can see that in your own feed. If you are clicking hearts all over the place for someone’s choices in a treasury then that is a perfect candidate as someone to follow – you clearly have similar taste!

Over the course of a few visits you will build up a favourites list to browse through when you need inspiration, or want to go back to find something you saw before.

Now, those are my tips for browsing Etsy. But what if you know (or kinda have an idea) of what you want? Like any website today, Etsy has a search function. Smart sellers make sure to include a lot of descriptive words in their listings so you can hit their products in your search results. So for instance, say you are wanting to add some decorative cushions to your little girl’s bedroom and her favourite colours are yellow and pink. Just search “yellow, pink, cushion” and you will find a plethora of cushions in every shade, pattern, size and fabric.

But that isn’t particularly groundbreaking is it?! What I do find Etsy really great for is finding new products. Things I didn’t even know existed… or know that I needed! Here is an example: I have seen a bit of a trend in homewares over the past year from everyone using only gold to adding other metallics, particularly copper. So I simply search ‘copper’ on Etsy, filter to homewares or jewellery, etc and also add the filter for ‘ships to Australia’. (Sadly, this is a pretty quick way to cut down any results list! A lot of things are not economical for shipping to Australia.)

And here is a sample of some of the items you can find on Etsy that have copper!


1. Copper wire love heart ring approx. $7AUD  2. Origami pendant lampshade appox. $128AUD  3. Resin stacking rings approx. $41AUD each (3 shown)  4. Living moss wall planter approx. $50AUD  5. Arrow ring approx. $24AUD  6. Copper coat rack approx. $78AUD  7. Antique fire extinguisher approx. $148AUD  8. Hammered copper business card holder approx. $12AUD  9. Handmade gingko leaf mobile approx. $89AUD   10. Mid-century owl bank approx. $21AUD 11. Copper house numbers on weathered oak approx. $78AUD.

Aren’t these some gorgeous items?! It’s almost enough to make this girl give up the gold… Almost…

But back to the point of the post: this is one if my favourite ways to use Etsy. It gives me new ideas for what’s out there to buy, what I might like to try for DIY projects, or even just what I could do with some leftover pink paint (I search pink or pink paint in homewares and see what comes up!).

And I have to admit that sometimes I just sit and look through my Favourites list to look at the homewares eye candy 🙂 I’m odd like that.

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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