Reflecting on things…

Our move to Hong Kong is getting closer and closer and we are slowly whittling away at our belongings trying to get it to a point that we can fit into a little apartment.  And it means that all those little projects that were laying around, waiting patiently for me to get to them, must get done ASAP! One of these was the full length mirror from our bedroom. Our room doesn’t have any sort of mirror in it and there is no full length mirror anywhere in the house so I got this one off EBay. I fell in love with its little claw feet. The rest of it… well… not so much.  Nice lines, but that brown peeling paint job wasn’t exactly a good look.  So of course it has sat in our bedroom for about a year waiting for me to get around to sprucing it up!  Here is it as I bought it:

ImageSo it looked a bit poxy but those feet!  I adore those little claw feet!

First up, I removed the mirror from the frame.  One thing I have learned is that you should pull things apart if you can, before you get started with any painting.  So for cabinets, etc you remove the hardware, pull out the drawers, take off doors, etc.  For mirrors, take that mirror out!  It gives you a better finish on the frame and also lets you give the mirror a good, proper clean.  This one had small screws with little plates holding the mirror in:

ImageI just unscrewed all of them and then slid the mirror and backing up and out.  I then took a moment to tighten all the screws on the frame as it was quite rickety.  I had a section on the back of the frame, up the top, that needed a bit of patching. I just used wood filler and I wasn’t too worried about it looking perfect since it is on the back.


Then I cleaned down the frame and started with the primer.  A few coats of gloss black (Rustoleum’s 2X of course) and it was good to go.

Next, I turned my attention to those cute little feet.  I got out the Brasso and started to give them a good clean.  Boy, did they need it!


Filthy foot: Clean foot!

Going by how they looked originally (left side) and what I got them to look like with a bit of a clean (right side), I don’t think anyone ever touched them.  Ever.  It took a while, but I got all four of them pretty and shiny.


After I put them back on, that was it!  Probably should have done this ages ago really… I love how it looks now.  We were originally going to sell it but my husband really likes it so we are going to keep it and just hope we have space for it in HK.


I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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