Trends: Banana Leaf

When it comes to decor, there are a lot of similarities with fashion. Some things are passing fads (neon anyone?) and others are classics (hello, black and white). And then there are things that are in the middle. Things like the way bootcut jeans were the only cut to wear for a good 10 years but then a few years ago it became skinny jeans. Not that you can’t wear bootcut jeans, but skinny ones are the preference these days. The same way that silver was ‘The Metal’ for a long time but now gold is the preference, even though silver is still absolutely ok to use.

It can be so much fun to add a bit of something “faddish” to your decor – something that won’t break the bank so that in 18 months time you can rotate it out and not feel bad. Just like buying a cheap necklace that you can wear for one season and not worry that it won’t look good next year. The trick is to figure out how to translate a “fad” decor trend into an item that will bring a little touch to your room so you can enjoy it, without involving a full room overhaul when it goes out of fashion, or you get sick of it. Here is an example: Banana Leaves.

I recently came across a pic in Elle Decor that I thought was just beautiful (the center image in the collage below). It uses a wallpaper patterned with banana leaves, that is so retro and glam. I love it! So much so that I looked around on Pinterest and sure enough, there are a few rooms that use that exact wallpaper, or something very similar:

Palm Leaf 1

Images (clockwise from top left):, Elle Decor, Pinterest (no credit provided), House Beautiful, Habitually Chic.

This is most definitely one of those things where I LOVE something but just couldn’t commit to it the way these rooms do. That doesn’t mean a splash of it wouldn’t look great in a room though! So I took a look to find some smaller (and cheaper) ways to bring this pattern into a room:

Palm leaf 2

Headboard and tray:, pillows and ottoman: Etsy store Square Fox Designs, leather clutch: Etsy store Kertis, grouped palm prints: Etsy store The Old Fern, palm leaf watercolour painting: Etsy store Canotstop.

Plenty of options to bring a touch of banana leaf into your life! If I could only pick one though, I think that tray would look great on my vintage lucite and gold bar cart!

Jewellery Box 7

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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