Luscious Lips

Not a very subtle name for a paint colour, is it?  And as expected, whatever you paint in this colour will certainly not be blending into the background!

I picked up a very pretty dresser on EBay for $50ish.  I liked the fact that it really looked “vintage”, maybe from the 40’s by the look of it?  Not sure, but the veneer on top was in VERY rough shape.  Unsalvagable.  And the stain that had been painted over the rest of it was pretty awful and a bit splotchy.  An ideal candidate to be painted!

I was going to go with Strawberry Splash originally, but Bunnings didn’t have the base paint I needed for that colour in the semi-gloss.  Having used a gloss for the green media cabinet already (check it out here) I wanted to try a semi gloss and see how it turned out.  Also, the glossier the paint, the more it highlights any marks or dings on the furniture.  This poor piece is a bit knocked around so I thought a semi-gloss might be more flattering for her 🙂  So, I ended up going with Luscious Lips!

Here is the dresser I started with:

Pink desk 1

And here is the start of hours of work to remove the veneer. Some of it was super easy to remove (it was already lifted) but the part that wasn’t damaged was a b*tch to get off!

Pink desk 2

Without proper tools (apparently a lathe can take veneer off quickly?) it is back breaking, slow work. I started just with a paint scraper but got best results by using a wet towel to get the glue and wood all soft and then scraping it. I then sanded (and ruined a sheet of sand paper!) to get off more glue.  Eventually I got there though. And then I knew why they put veneer on the top – they used three boards to make the top, rather than one solid piece.  I patched.  And patched. And patched. Then I sanded, sanded, sanded.  And ended up with this:

Pink desk 3

My next step was one I learned from doing the media cabinet: tape off openings and pull out all drawers/doors, remove hardware, etc.  Pull apart as much as you can really.  Makes it much easier and neater to paint.  First, was a coat of primer:

Pink desk 5

I used a small roller to do the primer, as I’d been wanting to try it out and see if it was easier and also what kind of finish it gave.  I liked how easy it was to do large areas (like the top and sides) but it was useless in the small corners, etc. and I also didn’t like the finish it gave.  It was basically the same as a wall.  Where you also use a roller, so that totally makes sense really!

Then I did three coats of the pink (with a paint brush), with an extra two coats on the table top as I sanded again after the first three coats to see if I could get a smoother finish.

Pink desk 7Pink desk 8

Next up was the hardware.  I had originally thought I would leave it as-is, but I thought it could use a bit of  a clean and before I knew it I had my finest sandpaper out and was getting rid of the rust and dust that was coating it.  I cannot leave well-enough alone! Interestingly, the door latches are silver and the drawer pulls are gold!  And you can see the difference a bit of a clean makes:

Pink desk 9 Pink desk 6

Last step was to put it all back together and pull off all the tape around the edges.  And then ta da!

Pink desk 19

I quite like how it turned out, although I think I will do a few more coats on the top.  I feel that it looks better with each additional coat – maybe if I get enough coats on there it will look perfect 🙂

Pink desk 16 Pink desk 12Pink desk 18

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