Dear Hong Kong

Dear Hong Kong,

We met back in the middle of January, when I visited with my husband for a few days. Do you remember me? I was the excited one: four days without children with a new city to explore, flying Business Class and using the First Class lounge. And boy, did you show off! Glorious sunshine and clear skies with mild winter weather. Staying at the gorgeous, very cool W Hotel, letting us use your super efficient MTR.

But now we are here. For good. (Or a long while at least). And it seems the honeymoon is over perhaps. Did we do something to offend you? If so, you have my sincerest apologies. We have been here 11 days and your weather has been…well, I don’t know how else to say this… CRAP. Seriously, quite awful. This sort of soup isn’t what I thought we would be getting:



I can’t help but feel a little like you did a bit of a switcheroo on us here. Can we have some more of the weather we had in January, please?! Just a few days that look a little more like this, please:


We had a few hours without drizzle yesterday so I was able to take the boys to the park and look how happy they are:


I think we all want to see more of those smiling, happy faces, right?

We have managed to get out and about and see a few parts of the city, and even in this awful weather, you can still look pretty good.  But imagine much more amazing you would be in sunshine!!

20140312-161946.jpg 20140312-161926.jpg

So, if you could manage a few days of sunshine I can’t tell you how appreciative we would all be. Surely, it isn’t toooooo much to ask?!

Your new friend Dee

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