Getting Along in Hong Kong: Week 3

We are three weeks into the adventure of HK. Some cracks are starting to show and tempers are a bit shorter. Mostly mine. My husband is lucky because five days of the week he gets out of the little shoe box apartment we are staying in, he has stimulating work to do, and conversations with adults. In English. On the other hand, I am going a little bit stir crazy. Let me preface this post by saying that I absolutely adore my kids. But in the last three weeks I have had a grand total of about five hours without one or both of them with me. Coupled with the smallness of the apartment, the lack of toys/distractions and the fact that nothin is easy when you are in a new country, well, let’s just say I am REALLY looking forward to moving into our apartment at the end of this week. Sure, we will be swimming in boxes for a while but they will be boxes of stuff that is OURS and even the boxes will keep the boys entertained for a while. I always knew the first two months would be the worst. It takes a while to get your bearings, find your locals (local supermarket, doctor, dentist, hairdresser, etc), get everything unpacked, etc. and that process is tiring and sometimes stressful. But after you get a few things sorted out, not everything is new anymore and it lets you start to feel a little more comfortable and have a little more energy to figure out solutions to the next crop of things that need to be sorted out. We have a few of the big things checked off the list now: – apartment lease is signed and we have the keys – electricity/water/gas/Internet all on or going to be by the end of the week – paperwork for our Helper has been submitted to HK Immigration so hopefully in a couple of weeks she can start (once her visa is approved) – Will starts preschool on May 2nd – I have a hair appointment next weekend. This is always one of the most nerve wracking parts of moving: The Finding Of The New Hairdresser! So it’s all happening. There is light at the end of the tunnel: I just have to keep my sanity through this week. Especially on Tues when our ridiculous temporary apartment complex is shutting of the water for nine hours and the lifts for two hours. Seriously, what the heck do I do with two little boys and no running water or toilets in the place?! My genius solution is to go to the new apartment. Sure, it’s empty but it has running water and there is the kids playground (indoor and out!) plus a cafe on site. That will get us through at least five hours I figure 🙂 And lastly, a few photos taken over past two weeks. We got out to the Hong Kong Flower Show last weekend and I checked out the Affordable Art Fair for a couple of hours on Friday night – I won tickets! We also wandered down Hollywood Rd after visiting the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens and Zoo the weekend before.





4 thoughts on “Getting Along in Hong Kong: Week 3

    • Fingers crossed all goes well with our Helper starting in a few weeks and I may be able to sneak off for coffee and cake. On my own. And drink the coffee while it is still hot! And not share the cake!

  1. I’m amazed you’re blogging, to be honest. I would be to busy freaking out!
    Great to hear that things are coming together, hopefully you’ll be settled in and forming some comfortable new routines before you know it. x x x x

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