Affordable Art

So how about this for some art, eh?


What? It doesn’t grab you? Not your style, maybe?! Hey, I don’t think this is anyone’s style. And it hasn’t been for a very long time! Which is why I scored such a bargain on these frames on EBay last year. I got a pair of gilt frames for about $40 each. And they are quite big: 60cm x 75cm. I have a feeling the tapestries put people off!

My love of gold extends to gold gilt frames. They are completely OTT but I Just. Don’t. Care.

I really hate the tapestries though. So I decided to switch the art inside. This is one of the simplest DIY’s I have ever done. I love the hand-made marbled paper from the Etsy store Art On Water. The beautiful pink marbled image that is on my blog header is an image of some of this paper (used with permission of course!).

And this is the DIY: take out tapestry, turn it over and wrap the beautiful hand made marbled paper around it like a present. I even used sticky tape! Nothin’ fancy here! Then I just popped it back in the frame. That’s it! And I really like how it turned out:



The other frame has been used in our living room, which I shall share pics of soon!

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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