Our HK Home: the boys’ room

We have been in our new apartment for one whole month now. It’s about time for an update and some pics of how the new place is coming together. We are living in about 1400sqft. It’s small but not ridiculous.

Let’s start with Will and Alex’s room. The boys room is a bit cramped but if it really bothered me, we could help alleviate that by buying Will a junior bed instead of his current single bed. But I am hoping to wait it out for a few more years and buy bunk beds for the boys instead! Luckily, I had always planned for the boys to share a room. I shared a room with my sister growing up and I loved it. So I wanted to let them enjoy that same sense of camaraderie and companionship. The good news is that Will has pretty much stopped getting scared at night and trying to come into our bed at 3am. The bad news is that Alex is an early riser (he certainly didn’t get that from me!) and often wakes Will up earlier than he wants. Design-wise, I had to mash their two separate rooms into one super room! As I said, it was always the plan so there were colours used in common with both rooms (turquoise, green and yellow) so that down the track, the two sets of bedding and the pillow and art would all (hopefully) work in together. You will recall that Alex’s room was previously shared in the Home Tour on the blog (guess I better get around to updating that!). Will’s room was also shared here

Their new room is tight. It’s not a large room and just fits in the bed, crib and a chest. But, it does have high ceilings. This wasn’t readily apparent initially as there are bulkheads on two parts of the wall/ceiling. But by putting a few pieces of art up on these bulkheads, it really draws the eyes up and gives the room a more spacious feel.


Without the art up there, your eyes tend to stop at the lower height where the lights are.

The other side of the room has a great gallery wall. I was lucky enough to win an amazing art print by an artist named Ric Tse. His series, Legography, uses photographs of Lego people in real places around HK. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a piece of art for the kids’ wall (especially when we just moved to a very expensive city and seem to be haemorrhaging money) but winning one is a different story! So this is Will’s side of the room:


And a close up of the pictures on the wall:


The last shot of the room is pretty uninspiring – mostly just a closet! But I will include it for the sake of completeness, and also so you can see how little spare space there is!

For now, this room is done! I will share another room with you next week 😉


4 thoughts on “Our HK Home: the boys’ room

  1. Hi Dee
    Now completely off this topic-I think I met you on a northern beaches shopping tour (in Sydney) late last year. Was this you? PS love your blog, so real. Silvana

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