This Little Piggy Went To Market

One of the most fascinating things to do in a new country is to check out a supermarket. You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful things! HK supermarkets are really interesting: they have a very unique mix of US, Australian, European, Japanese and Chinese products. It is like the United Nations of supermarkets! Frozen pizza from Germany and France? Well, sure! Fish fingers from the UK? Yep! American hickory smoked bacon? You can get that too. There are some seriously yummy things available, like these:


Obviously these are packed with gluten so I haven’t been able to eat them, but they make me start salivating when I walk past them on the shelf. They look soooo good!

It’s not all good news though. I am unsure which nationality it is that is so very in to canned meat but this is the shelving dedicated to it in our local (and quite small) store:


Everything you see there is some sort of tinned meat. Other than tinned tuna, I really haven’t done much canned meat. Must admit that even spoilt for such choice, I don’t see that changing any time soon….

Of course, as you would expect, the rice and noodles sections are huge. This is the shelving dedicated just to the instant noodles (like ramen):


Das a lotta noodles!

And then there are the things that are just plain weird. Here is a sample of things that will NOT be coming home with me any time soon!







In Australia, MSG is a big no-no. Asian restaurants have signs up saying ‘No MSG’. Here though, you buy it in a bag like sugar or salt! Just sprinkle a little over your dinner, eh?!


Something that I haven’t seen here are self tanning products! Coming in to summer in Australia or the US, you would see displays of them (with sunscreen of course!) but whitening seems to be all the rage here:


Sometimes the idea behind the branding of an item can be taken a bit too literally. Take for instance this cleanser:


A lot of expensive creams will use the word ‘milk’ but I just don’t get the same effect from a product called Cow… Do you?!

3 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went To Market

  1. Not trying the grass jelly any time soon? Oh, Dee, go for it! 🙂 I love seeing the photos. Going grocery shopping in Namibia was really the highlight of the day. (Unless we didn’t feel like having our trolley bumper to bumper with hundreds of other people…the store was always packed.) Going to the grocery store truly gives you a sense of what is important in a culture. We had a whole wall of soured milks to choose from, which we are still missing terribly! Have fun discovering new things!

    • Yes – there are certainly some odd things here. And you have to pay attention – the other day I bought what I assumed was beef stock. Right next to the chicken and I didn’t look too closely. Turned out to be Chinese ham stock! Goulash still tasted ok though 🙂

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