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I recently had the opportunity to do design boards for a lady here in HK who wanted some help with her little boy’s room.  Being in HK, the room is tiny and all she had in there was an IKEA bed and chest, both white.  I have debated with myself over the past month on whether or not to share this post.  I had hoped for a good Before & After style of post but that didn’t really eventuate.  So I have a few pics of the room before and after, but they are not dramatically different, to be honest! It is difficult when a design isn’t committed to all the way – it doesn’t look like much of a design when only small pieces of the overall picture are used.

But I wanted to show you all the design boards as the key point for these boards was that they used IKEA bedding. I needed to create these boards very quickly (I did them in about 24 hours) and the bedding needed to immediately available and not very expensive. So IKEA it was!  I had only just moved here to HK when I did these boards so I wasn’t sure what stores are here and what they have to offer.  IKEA is IKEA though, no matter where you are 🙂

Here are the boards:

IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0846


My “client” was most interested to have a modern, clean look to the room but also wanted one traditional design as well. IKEA features strongly in the designs, along with some Etsy, Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn thrown in for good measure!

The room is small and this is a rough sketch of the layout:


Not a lot of spare space in there!  Here is how it looked at the start:



And finally, how it ended up.


IMG_5319 IMG_5318

As I said, only a few ideas were implemented so it isn’t a very dramatic difference.  The paint colour was also decidedly different than the Tiffany Blue it was described as before I did up the boards! And she initially has used some Thomas bedding she already owned, but has also purchased some grey IKEA bedding.  But in the end, she was happy and so was her son, and I guess that is what counts.  She had thought there was nothing to do with a room this small and I think it was a win on that front at least – small is not necessary bad!  You just have to make each item count with dual purpose items being ideal.  You also want to incorporate storage where you can, and only use things you really, really love: there is no room for mediocrity!

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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