Rub’n’Buff: A Love Affair Begins…

I think that title might sound a bit dodgy, but this really is all above board. I promise.  

I had been wanting to try a product called Rub’n’Buff that I had heard about and I had seen for sale for about $US10 on Amazon.  This is the stuff:

I thought it would be good since I cannot use spray paint now that we love in an apartment and I have been ITCHING to turn something gold! This DIY thing is a bit of an addiction it seems. It must be done regularly or you get antsy! Anyhoo…

My husband had to go to the US for work so I took the opportunity to order a few things. Ok. A lot of things. I got a gorgeous Nate Berkus for Target tray. A pair of gold pig bookends and a bronze wire statue thing from CB2, three large vases and a gorgeous (albeit slightly more skimpy than ideal) Palm leaf print bikini from Target, some summer clothes from Ann Taylor Loft plus a few odds and ends from Amazon. He ended up needing to borrow an extra suitcase from his parents for all the stuff! Oops.

I got a tube of Rub’n’Buff in Gold Leaf and in Antique Gold. And I am in love!

First up, the reason I bought it was to address a little bit of damage on the antique frame for a huge lithograph of Mont St Michel that we own. I love it but it was missing a little bit of the frame and the white spot really stood out. So I thought if I filled it in with gold to match its surrounds, it would blend a lot better. Upon inspection, I realised that a few international moves had left all the frame needing a spruce up on the gold bits. I love a bit of patina on my antiques but there comes a point at which the damage is distracting to the beauty of the piece. So I am ecstatic with this Rub’n’Buff stuff. Here are some before and after close ups so you can see how it really made a difference to cleaning up this frame and giving the artwork a new lease on life.



It is incredible – like a great facelift for an antique! Doesn’t make it look different but just freshens it up.

So of course, why stop there?!

I really don’t like our bed. It used to be in our spare room and was bought seven years ago from IKEA- selected solely because it was the only bed we found that was high enough to fit my husbands amp underneath (and that was pretty cheap!). Our old bed had no storage underneath due to facing boards around the base so it had to go before we moved here. We are still using the spare bed as I haven’t selected a new one yet (more on this in another post). When you don’t like something you really have nothing to lose in trying something to make it look a bit better. So I got some gold leaf Rub’n’Buff onto it! Not a huge difference but I think it definitely makes the bed look less cheap and boring:



As I said, not a huge change but here it is a little closer:



I still don’t really like the bed, but I dislike it much less now!

Finally, the gold pig bookends are fantastic but the piggy tail got broken off during transit and the gold was a very, very bright garish gold. Not my favourite gold at all. Soooo, yep. You guessed it! I Rub’n’Buffed that sucker.




Now he fits in much better with the rest of the decor.

So, yeah. Pretty happy with the Rub’n’Buff!

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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