Open For Business!

It has been three weeks since I last posted and I must apologise. June just seemed to fly by! I was actually very busy, hence the lack of posts. With what, you may ask? Well, I have ended up with a job of sorts. I actually started my own company. It sounds a lot bigger and more impressive when I write that than the reality! It is still a big step for me though. I wasn’t really looking to start a business – I don’t have the entrepreneurial fire to stamp my mark on the world, which some people have. I am a rule follower at heart. Practical and logical to a fault, and pretty risk averse generally. But this just sort of happened.

I knew I wanted to start the process of returning to work. My youngest will be two in October and I will have been out of full time work for four years then. I found a really great job advertised, which I applied for. But after I didn’t get this job – a job that my experience was a very good match for- I knew I was looking at six months at least of networking to figure out yet another career change for myself. While I did this, I thought I might keep myself happy by seeing if anyone wanted some eDesign done. So I put a little note up on our apartment complex FB group (our apartment complex has at least a few thousand apartments in it). This got me seven clients over this first two months with eighteen rooms to do. And this is over the two months of summer when things are quiet! So I am giving it a shot as a real, proper business. Lots of people have said I should do this over the past two years and maybe I should have started listening earlier but I think sometimes you have to reach a point where you feel ready to give something 100% before you get started. And starting a business is something that I think would be doomed to fail if you did a half-arsed job of it.

So in the next few months you can look forward to some Before and After posts for rooms I have designed hopefully! And some of the trials and tribulations of starting a business in HK too. So far it’s been pretty good! Business registered? Check! Business cards ordered? Check! I designed them myself so I can’t wait to see them when they arrive!

8 thoughts on “Open For Business!

  1. Hello Dee I am so proud of you – biting the bullet and starting a business. Well done. I wish you every good luck – but it will be your skill, talent and professionalism that will make the success for you. We saw Namibia but did not actually go there We were in Botswana yesterday and we are leaving Zambia tomorrow.

    love Philippa xxxooo

    Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 12:26:37 +0000 To:

  2. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to see the before and after. You are so talented, I am so pleased that others will get to share your vision.

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