Channeling Kelly Wearstler

A while ago I saw a room I loved that had used a Kelly Wearstler wallpaper called Channels. This is the wallpaper:

As you can see, it is a little pricey for me to think of using the real deal. Not to mention that I doubt my landlord would appreciate wallpaper! So I tossed around a few ideas of where I could use this print somewhere in the house. My eyes rested on this side table:


I originally purchased this table for Will’s nursery. It has served well in both nurseries now and I was considering getting rid of it as I am a little bored with it. When you live in a tiny apartment as we do, you really need to love everything in it because you are right there on top of it all.

I had some plain black PVC sheet left over from my dining rooms chairs makeover (here) so I simply cut thin strips out of this, using the graph paper backing to guide me. About a dozen all up.


Hardly rocket science 🙂

Then I just eyeballed it to apply the pieces! I did have to use a bit of double sided tape on some of the ends but all up, this only took 15 minutes. Now the table has a bit of presence!


4 thoughts on “Channeling Kelly Wearstler

  1. Heh Dee

    I always thought that table was a bit plain. You have performed magic. It’s really good now, so much more interesting and trendy. Well done.

    love you

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