Getting into Shape(s)

Geometric patterns and shapes have been huge for quite a while now. Linens and soft furnishings are a natural thing to look to for bringing this trend into your life but there are plenty of options out there to ‘get into shape…s’. A quick search of the term ‘geometric’ on Etsy pulled up a fantastic assortment of gorgeous items!


[Left to right, top row to bottom row: baby change pad cover: FernLeslieBaby, earrings: HookAndMatter, wall stencil: cutestencils, vases: StudioArmadillo, copper light: KhalimaLights, shelf: The807, notecards: linden leaf, pillows: 5cHomeDecor, fox print: tinykiwiprints, iPhone case: TonCase.]

Now, I haven’t really got room for anything big in the apartment and I don’t need any pillows or linens but I did want to have a crack at something with geometric goodness. I had some of the air dry clay left over from Christmas Craft (see that post here) so I thought I would try to make a small dish out of it.

First up, I found a small dish that would be about the size that I would want my new dish to be. I used a small malachite dish that I have (I still am in love with malachite, by the way!). I lined it with cling wrap and pushed the clay into it. I did all the moulding with my fingers. I was going for an organic look to the dish to counter the hardness of the geometric lines. I think it has kinda ended up looking more like a Year Three art class ashtray project perhaps…

Anyways, I let it dry for a couple of days and then I got out my Rub’n’Buff. (I am still in love with this stuff too!) I used some tape to create a triangle shape and then basically coloured it in with gold between the lines. Then I taped off another shape and and used black acrylic paint to colour it in. The ‘handmade’ (i.e. uneven) finish made my lines a bit hard to keep clean – I had to hold the tape down bit by bit as I painted against the edge to ensure a clean line. Here are some step by step pics:







So next time I use the air dry clay I will roll it out with a rolling pin on wax paper to try to get a smoother finish on the bowl. I think it will look less homemade, crafty….like a 10 year old made it… 🙂

And here is where the dish is living for now. I give it two weeks until it gets broken as the air dry clay is super breakable. And yes, they are fake flowers!  I know every “real” designer says to never use fake flowers or greenery but I have a two year old and a four year old who would break vases and spill water if I had real flowers. Plus, I don’t have the budget for fresh flowers every week 🙂 So they stay!




I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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