Our HK Home: the Office

Continuing on with the Home Tour series of our apartment in HK. To recap, we live in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment that is about 1400 sq ft (net). In HK, the gross sq footage of an apartment includes any outdoor space and also, quite uniquely to these parts of Asia, the maid’s quarters. So the net sq ft is our general living space. And yes, it’s small by Western standards. By HK standards, our place is quite large.

Previously, I have shared the lounge room (here), the boys’ bedroom (here), and our helper’s quarters here. Next stop on the tour is the office.

The office has a desk but I must admit that half it’s function is just as storage. The closet in there is packed with the things that haven’t found a home anywhere else! We are having a lot of trouble getting our wifi internet to go further than 3m in our apartment. We are the process of finding a guy to come fix it up and then once I get Internet in the office I can actually use it as an office!

When we first got here, the only thing in the room was the bright pink desk that I revamped back in Sydney (read about it here). I wanted the room to be a bright, fresh space that made me feel creative and energetic. I wanted a white couch. Which meant that the room would have to be a no-go zone for the kids. I wanted that sofa to be a sofa bed of some sort if possible, just in case we needed it. After searching for a while I realised that IKEA had the best option. I had been trying to NOT get IKEA for the sofa (not a huge fan of the comfort of their cheaper sofas) but unless I was prepared to drop serious cash on a custom one or do a futon, the Hagalund was my best option. Sigh. We are on a tight budget for this room so the Hagalund us what we went with!

The majority of this room came from things we already owned. “Shop your own home” is what they call it I think. It basically means, shuffle things around in your house once in a while and try things in a different room. A change is refreshing! So here is the design board for the room:


The green lamp, gold mirror and purply-pink cushions previously lived in our lounge room in Sydney, the wedding blanket and lucite bar cart were previously in the master bedroom, the cow hide rug was in the dining room, the zebra print was a giveaway from someone in our apartment complex here in HK, and the Van Gogh print used to be in the guest bedroom. The one thing I purchased for the room was the Turkish kilim pillow (from Mister Pillow on Etsy) that pulled together the pinks and greens in the room.

And here is how the room looks now.





Apologies for the quality of the photos – the iPhone struggles to photograph such a small room!

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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