Razzle Dazzle Basil

* For my American readers, please note that Australians pronounce basil the way you say the name Basil, so the title above actually rhymes when you say it in Australian!

I recently decided to try and see if I could start growing a few herbs at home. We could use some real greenery in the house, both for the visual impact and the air cleaning qualities of plants. I thought I would start small with a single basil plant. That way I could tell if my two year old would allow the plant to live. I bought a plant at the markets two weeks ago and tried it in the lounge room on top of a bookcase but it didn’t get enough light unfortunately, and started to look pretty darn sorry for itself. The only other place I could think of that it would get oodles of light, is our bedroom. Although it is not your traditional bedside table kind of plant, Herb (I named him Herb) is doing quite nicely in his new spot!

I am really liking how his verticality and greenness works so well in the vignette I have for the bedside table. Here is how Herb looks:


Humble Herb is clearly thriving in his newly elevated position as a bedside table plant! Bonus points to Herb for being useful for cooking too 🙂


If I get brave, I may try to get a rosemary plant and maybe one other nice smelling herb (lemongrass perhaps?) to put on the window ledge. The key is to find nice pots to put them in 🙂

You all have to wait to see the rest of the master bedroom. In a few months we will hopefully have gotten the two pieces of furniture we need to complete the room. We (or I guess I should say ‘I’) really want to replace the black wrought iron bed. I am going to get the IKEA Duken bed to replace it I think:


It has a removable fabric cover in light grey. I may keep the light grey and drape a throw over the headboard, but one of the main reasons I like this bed is that I can get a new slipcover made for the headboard. I am very tempted by a navy blue velvet one at this stage, but let’s see how I feel in a few months, eh? Since I can probably get the new cover made for about USD30 (including fabric!) at Shenzhen, I might just get two different ones. So I can switch it up as the mood strikes me! Maybe one neutral and one coloured? Or one classic solid colour and one detailed with pattern and texture? So many choices!!

In case anyone is wondering, the bedside table is IKEA’s Sveio chest. I got it second hand for HK$100 (about USD15). I love it’s mid-century modern/Scandi clean lines and we all know I love a good bargain!

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