Getting Along in HK: One Year (part 1)

We have survived our first year in HK! We also experienced our first Chinese New Year. Kong Hei Fat Choi! (This means Happy New Year). 

Our apartment complex had a Lion and Dragon dance to bring in the Year Of The Goat. The drums and large dragon scared both boys at first, but by the end of it Alex was all about the dragon in particular. The preparations had me intrigued, having never seen one of these dances myself.

First up came the huge dragon that scared the crap out of the kids!

Then came the Lion Dance and the mystery of the pedestals was solved!

This is the point at which WordPress just lost the rest of my blog post. Super peeved. I don’t know about anyone else, but the past few months I have had serious issues with WordPress. Pictures not loading, chunks of text missing and then today, saving a post, previewing it and then finding that half of it is missing when I go back into the editing screen. Not happy, WordPress! So now I will try to remember everything I wrote. Rest assured it was Pulitzer Prize winning material. But now it is after 7pm and I am tired so you will get the abbreviated, crap version I am afraid…

One year in and with my father-in-law visiting, I finally got around to doing a few more of the HK tourist things.  We rode a tram. It was pretty uncomfortable, to be honest! Very slow and bumpy. They look so cute but are definitely not the way to travel!

We also went for HotPot. It’s a very popular Chinese meal where they bring raw meat, vegetables and noodles to your table and you have a big pot of boiling broth that you cook it in yourself. The taste was good but it was a lot of effort for your meal. I was also surprised by my prawn. Given there was a huge wooden skewer through his body, I assumed he was dead. Until I put him in the boiling broth and literally felt him flinch. Then I pulled the skewer out and saw he was still alive and had to quickly put him back in to put him out of his misery! It was off putting to say the least… The chicken and beef were dead though and tasty, as were the veggies! 

We also did Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. Loved It! A beautiful place in a beautiful setting. It is well worth the trip.  My big hint is not to get there by using the MTR and the cable car.  Instead, grab the ferry Mui Wo from Central Pier 6 and then the number 2 bus when you get off the ferry. It’s a nice trip and it means you can do the cable car back and end up at the Tung Chung MTR and wave at the crowds of people waiting in line to go up via the cable car.  We walked straight onto the cable car coming back. No line 🙂 Also go in the morning as there are so many more tourists in the afternoon. And try the dried broad beans and spicy fish balls as a snack in Po Lin Village. Very tasty!

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