Getting Along in HK: One Year (part 2)

So when WordPress lost half the last post, I tried to fix it and lost most of it again. I then lost motivation to try again, to be honest! But I feel it is my duty to finish the post! At last! 

Mostly, it lost images. The images of the Big Buddha, to be exact. And you really shouldn’t miss those! It really is beautiful and hopefully these (crappy iPhone) pics will convince you to go take a look yourself, if you happen to be in this neck of the woods. 

Without further ado, I present the Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha (with fingers crossed that these load and WP doesn’t lose this again!)

The Entrance to Po Lin Monastery


One of the Monastery buildings with beautiful patterns and colours


There are beautiful carvings on the buildings.


They really do love a bit of gold !


The gnarled old trees in the courtyard added the perfect touch!


They also love incense there – industrial-sized to be exact…



the view as you come off the ferry . It was a grey start to our day!


Amazing scenery on the bus ride up to the Big Buddha and the Monastery.


That is one biiiiiiig Buddha!


Yours truly with one of the smaller statues around the base of the Big Buddha


2 thoughts on “Getting Along in HK: One Year (part 2)

  1. Nice post. I’ve only been to Hong Kong once for a short trip; would love to get back there some day. Fantastic city.

    I’m an expat living in South Korea and I blog about expat life as well and am always looking to connect with people who blog about similar themes. Please visit me at sometime. Cheers, and good luck with everything!

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