I Heart Art

There is one sure fire way to make a house feel like a home: art.  You can actually get by with a minimal aesthetic that uses no soft furnishings (just the basic furniture), but without anything on the walls, most spaces look unlived in and uninviting. HK has quite the art scene. I had no idea about this before I got here, but Spring in HK means art fairs/shows.  Last year I was lucky enough to win tickets to go to the Affordable Art Fair, held in the Convention Centre in Wan Chai.  This year, a lovely friend had a free ticket for me to attend Art Central last month.  I enjoyed both but must admit that The Affordable Art Fair was much more my taste.  If you’d like to go to the Affordable Art Fair this year, which is on from 22 – 24 May, you can get two-for-one tickets online until 21 May (tix cost HKD150 each, so that means only HKD75 each person!). Well worth the visit to check out the eye candy! But even though the Affordable Art Fair was more for me, I still saw some great things at Art Central. Here are some pics of my favourite artworks from Art Central last month:

photo 1

By Seon-Ghi Bahk, 2013. A little hard to fit in to most houses I’ll grant you, but this installation piece was gorgeous. I can see it hanging from the ceiling of a very large foyer. It’s made of chunks of charcoal.

photo 2

By Dale Frank. I love abstract art in pretty colours. This one is no exception.

photo 3

I also love pretty art painted in lacquer. Even when it has some weird shit mixed in with the pretty flowers and birds – can you spot Tarzan and the Humvee?! (Unfortunately, I can’t credit the lovely artist that made this piece as the Art Central website doesn’t seem to have it on there. If you know, please comment on the post to tell me!)

photo 4

By Rob and Nick Carter. This piece is suuuuuper clever. It is called Chinese Whispers and was created by taking the pic at top left and giving it to an artist to create a copy. The copy was then given to another artist to create a copy and so on and so on. Until they ended up with the pic at the bottom right. Cool, eh?!

So pop along to the Affordable Art Fair if you get a chance!

But if you prefer to shop online, Etsy always has soooo many affordable prints (including a multitude of pretty coloured abstract art that I “favourite” all the time!). Society 6 also has a lot of original art at great prices (www.society6.com). Or I recently found a couple of other great sites for helping get some great art on your walls.

There is www.artfullywalls.com, which is an online curated art marketplace.  I really love this site at the moment.  They have great artworks at really great prices and they even have an app for your iPhone that will let you see how a piece will look on your own wall!  This is especially handy for gallery walls.  They are a great “cheat” for those who aren’t too confident about creating their own gallery wall. It lets you see how the pieces you like look together.

Here are two of their curated gallery walls:

Seaside Musing on Artfully Walls; blue art gallery wall

An Ornamental Appeal on Artfully Walls, gallery wall, muted pastel tones, abstract nature art

Minted.com, who I always knew for personalised printing/stationary also has a nice art selection available and have done a collaboration with West Elm, too. Here are a few of my favourites (not from the West Elm collection):

Paint Study Sunset in green by Alethea and Ruth

Fleur Foil Pressed Art Print – Kelly Ventura

Summer Winds – Emily Jeffords

Another online art curated is www.buddyeditions.com.  They have a much smaller collection of limited edition prints by emerging artists, which they change regularly. Here is one I loved:

Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers – KT Smail

The other site that I think is pretty cool, especially for those of us renting, is www.indiemats.com. It gets around the whole problem of “how do I hang these frames on the wall properly without damaging the wall”.  It does away with the frame! I really like their “I Love Colour” gallery wall set as a great way to hang the latest artwork created by your kids!

gallery kc easy playroom wall decorSo there you have it!  Some ideas on how to bring a little bit of art love into your own place.


I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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