Look at Me!

A while ago, someone in my apartment complex was selling two small, unfinished, pine wood IKEA Malma mirrors for HK$10 each (about AUD2).  I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but when I come across something that is a blank slate, super cheap and small enough to fit in my apartment, I snap it up!  I kept these in the back of my mind as I read my usual blogs and looked on Etsy for items for clients, etc.  Eventually I came across this fantastic DIY tutorial post on tarting up a coffee cup, and loved the colour combination she used with the spots:

diy tissue paper watercolour mugs using dishwasher safe mod podge

I didn’t have the right supplies to do any decoupage on the mirror frame so I knew I would have to adjust it to use paint instead.  Geometrics are nice and easy when it comes to painting (using tape to get a nice line on your sections).  So that was the plan for one of the mirrors.

For the next mirror, I thought I might try to do something that left the wood visible a bit.  I saw this image from a google search of “geometric painted bowl” from this website here:   (Note: a search for painted mirrors turned up some God-awful country crap so I switched it to bowls as I was just looking for inspiration, and I knew there are some clever people out there doing lovely painted bowls.)

Clearly, I love the pink, blue and yellow! I thought I would give it a go with the second mirror to have the wood sections showing through between the painted sections.

So I started by painting one mirror white and then taping up the mirrors. Here is the original mirror, along with one mirror taped up for the second design:

Mirror post 1

Then I taped off the white painted mirror (just a section at a time) and started to paint.   I am not very experienced at mixing paints or painting small items. I really have only used paint chips or spray paint, and painted big pieces of furniture up till now.  So when I first painted the wooden mirror on the right, the paint colours were all wrong.  I thought I should make them a bit darker so that they would still show over the wood.  I now realise that I should have just kept the colours light but used multiple coats.  Anyways, it ended up looking like Ziggy Stardust threw up on my mirror:

Mirror post 2 (edited)

I wasn’t into it at all.  Way too clownish and it just didn’t look the way I wanted it to.  So I re-taped (carefully) over it after it dried and painted out the pink to navy blue.  It looked a lot better! Here is the final result for that mirror:

Mirror post 3 (edited) The other mirror worked out better. The colours work well together and the spotty print makes it so fun, I think! I just taped off each section and painted, and at the end I used a foam spouncer (a circle of foam on the end of a small stick) to do the black dots.

Mirror post 7 (edited)

And here it is styled up a bit:

Mirror post 6 (edited)

I gave this mirror to a friends daughter as I felt it was perfect for a little girl’s room.  I hope they felt the same…

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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