Hold the phone!

I made a ring holder/ ring dish. Get it?! Hold the ring…hold the phone? Yeah, a bit of a stretch but the best I could come up with. Sorry! It’s hard coming up with titles for all the posts, especially because I try to not just call it “The Ring Dish”.

So anyways, on to the project! I wanted to try some ceramic paints, but am very aware of my limitations when it comes to painting! As in, I kinda suck at it. This is why I do geometrics and dots and such, as they are harder for me to mess up! Paint by numbers is about my level of artistic ability. But I thought I would have a go at doing something kind of abstract. And I just did a play room design for a client with peach, so thought I would stray from my usual pink, to try that instead. I decided to pair it with a deep navy (a complementary colour scheme, for those who are into that sort of thing), and of course, some gold! Can’t forget some gold ūüôā And to top it off I used a somewhat unusual material for ceramics: nail art studs. Yep, those little gold studs that people use for finger nail art.¬†I picked up two packs of them off AliExpress for all of USD2 as I thought I could use them on something.

Here are the materials I used:

Ceramic paints, paint brushes, mixing tray, nail studs and a ceramic plate

Ceramic paints, paint brushes, mixing tray, nail studs and a ceramic plate

I picked up the ceramic plate at FrancFranc for HK$28 (about USD3.65). I honestly have no idea what it’s actually supposed¬†to be for – maybe a spoon rest? ¬†You could probably get them half that price on Shanghai Street in HK. But I¬†happened to be¬†at FrancFranc and had no plans to visit Kowloon side in the coming few weeks¬†so I just grabbed this one.

Next step was to mix up the paint.¬† I had to google how you make peach (paint by numbers remember….)¬† and it is an ok peach that I ended up with but probably closer to nude than peach. I used yellow with a tiny dot of red then some white to make it less intense.¬† For my navy I just added some black to the royal blue paint that I had to make it darker.¬† This is what I ended up with:

Peach and navy ceramic paint mixes

Peach and navy ceramic paint mixes

The first brush I tried with the peach paint had synthetic¬†bristles and it sucked.¬† I persevered with it as I wasn’t sure if it was the brush, the paints, the wrong type of ceramic or just my lack of technique. But when I did the blue I used a natural bristled paint brush and it painted so much more smoothly.¬† I used natural again for the gold since it gave a much better finish.¬† I didn’t put too much thought into the painting – I just did two splodges of peach and then did blue through the middle and just a single splodge of gold.¬† I wish the gold was shinier (more like gold leaf) but ‘c’est la vie!’ Last¬†to come were the nail studs. I waited until the paint¬†was dry then used super glue (just a little drop on the¬†ceramic plate) and tweezers to place the little (and¬†boy, are they little.¬†And fiddly) studs onto the glue. I really like the studs on there!¬†¬†They have the shine that I wanted from the¬†gold paint and add a bit of texture to the¬†dish since they are raised.

And here is my own abstract art ceramic ring dish!

Final result

Final result

ring dish 5 ring dish 11

And just because it’s fun, here is the Before and After shot!

Before and After -  ceramic, abstract art ring dish

Before and After –
ceramic, abstract art ring dish

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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