Hot off the Press!

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So after waiting what felt like years, the magazine article is out!  The July/August issue of Playtimes magazine (a HK parenting magazine) has just come out and one of the Home Tours for this month is of our apartment.  It turned out quite well I think!  You’ll be able to see the full article at some stage this month on  In the meantime, if you would like to read it, here is a pdf version to take a look at: Playtimes article, Jul-Aug 2015

It was a little weird to read an article about ME – I certainly sound more interesting than I have ever thought myself to be! And as I said back in February (in this post), it was an interesting process for the photo shoot.  There are a few things I would change about the placement of some items, but overall I am really happy with how the apartment looks when shot by a professional photographer!  Just as a follow up on my post in Feb, I had originally wondered how the shots would compare for the spare room.  This is the shot I took myself, next to the one that appeared in the magazine:

                  Playtimes mag shoot comparison shot (edited)                            Playtimes article page 3 image (2)

My own shot is not as well lit (a decent camera certainly makes a difference!) and the perspectives are obviously quite different.  Without much control over the focusing, I find the iPhone camera works best straight on.  There isn’t a depth of field with angled shots, like the photographer was able to get.  I would certainly change the way the throw is on the sofa in my own shot – it should be flowing down over the arm of the sofa, as it is in the magazine picture.  And I am very glad the Moroccan wedding blanket is in the real shot. It usually lives on the back of this white sofa but when I took my shot (right after the reporter and photographer had left) it was still in the lounge room, where we used it in the main shot on the first page. It adds a lovely touch of extra pattern and shine. I also think that my shot would look better if the brass pear that usually lives next to that blue vase, was in the shot.  You will notice that it was used in the master bedroom pic instead!  We moved a lot of small items around to “fill in” shots that day!

All in all, a really interesting experience and hopefully one that helps to showcase my design business!

4 thoughts on “Hot off the Press!

  1. Absolutely fantastic. You have done a fantastic job. We are very proud to have such an incredibly dynamic daughter.

    Good luck getting a job. It is a good move for you. You can put the kids first but you still need fulfilment and a life too. It’s s balance. You are incredibly intelligent and smart. Use the brains.

    You always have our support.

    We are just getting dressed etc to go to the airport. Quite exciting.

    Love Mum and Dad xxxx

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