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I’ve recently come across the US online interior design company Laurel and Wolf and I was challenged to write a post about my dream living room as part of their Total Transformation project. Funnily enough, I had recently been thinking about what sort of lounge room I would have if I started from scratch. Our sofa is a bit wobbly and our cowhides looking a bit bare, and it started a chain of thought for me- of possibly changing up the colour palette and look of the room when we eventually buy a new sofa and rug.

First, a little about Laurel and Wolf, (noting that they have not sponsored this post in any way at all and all views expressed in this post are my own).  Laurel and Wolf are an e-design company – similar to what I used to do, but on a much bigger scale!  If you are interested in a fantastic new room, you simply go through the steps on their website of filling in a form full of information about what sort of room you like, how you use the space, budget, etc. They will then have a few different designers provide you a “First Look” and you can choose your designer and go from there. And if you are unsure of what your own personal style is, they even have a quiz! I took the quiz myself and came up with Hollywood Regency.  No surprises there πŸ™‚

Kelly Wearstler:


This is their description of Hollywood Regency:

“Popularized by Hollywood in the 1930s, Hollywood Regency has never dialed down the glamour. Bold, often over-scaled patterns, vibrant colors, reflective surfaces and lacquered finishes are all hallmarks of the style which frequently includes Asian-inspired elements, pumped up traditional lines and carefully curated accessories.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.15.52 PMVia

I would add in that there is always an air of sumptuousness with Hollywood Regency.  No mdf or plastic here, no “cheap and cheerful” either.  It’s go hard, or go home with Hollywood Regency! Jonathan Adler is a great example of the Hollywood Regency style, along with Kelly Wearstler. You can check out Laurel and Wolf’s Pinterest board of Glam Rooms for inspiration images.  You can also check out their other boards to see which style seems to resonate with you, if you prefer not to do the quiz.  The first step to having a home you love, is to know what you love! It will make shopping for yourself or working with a designer much easier if you know what overall look you are aiming to achieve.

So, back to my lounge room, and the two boards I designed to totally transform my lounge room.  As a reminder, here is the old design board for my current space:


The room looks pretty similar now, even though we moved houses since I did this board.  We have added in a marble coffee table with gold base and taken out the Expedit bookcase and moved that to the kids toy room. The bar cabinet and bar cart (which you can see in the images of this post) are also both in the space now, being used to flank the sofa, and I added in a leopard print velvet pillow. But the overall look and feel of the space is unchanged.

Buuuuuuut, if I was going to start from scratch, then I might look at changing the room up to look like this instead!

Laurel and Wolf post 2


This new design has a much bolder use of colour than our current space but most of the furniture pieces are still neutral (except the sofa!), so that later on the look of the room can be changed.  This board incorporates some of my favourite things: gold (duh), that peacock mirror (I have wanted one for a few years now), the scalloped cow hide rug (also something I have lusted over for a long time), some splashes of pink since I am totally in a pink phase for interiors these days, and the richness of a velvet sofa.  Performance velvet is actually surprisingly forgiving in a darker colour like this so I would even get this in real life with our two kids! And it feels so nice to sit on.  I kept the other chair in leather since I wanted something light coloured.  Brass furniture tacks are another love of mine, too!

But I did think to myself, what if my Total Transformation needed a more casual space?  Or what if I was living beach-side (this is a post about a dream living room so I think it’s fair to extend the dream to living by a gorgeous beach!).  How could I do a bit of Hollywood Regency but still keep the overall feel of the space more casual?  My answer was to add in elements of another of one of my favourite styles: boho chic.  Not to be confused with Hobo Chic (anyone remember Zoolander’s Derelicte?)

But I digress, back to boho chic with a more casual look to the room, but still with lots of glam! I took the liberty of again having as much pink as I wanted in this room, too πŸ™‚ Here we go:

Laurel & Wolf post 1

This space has all neutral furniture pieces but lots of colour in the rugs, art and cushions.  Overall though, the softer palette and different textiles gives it a more casual look, while still retaining some elegance. I think.

So there you have it, a little look at how I would re-do my current living room if I had the opportunity! What would you do if you could totally transform your current living space?  It’s a bit like the design version of the “what would you do with a million dollars?” question! So much fun to imagine the possibilities.  You can try the Laurel and Wolf Style Quiz for yourself, too! Just go here and click on Get Started. Then when they ask how soon you would like to get started, I selected “Not sure, just checking my options”but you can answer whatever applies to you.  Then the next question is if you have a certain style you know you want.  Again, answer whichever one works for you.  Then it’s on to the quiz!  It’s a lot of fun to see what you come up with πŸ™‚




I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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