The woman cave, she-den (and other dodgy names)

Living in a small apartment in Hong Kong, I must admit to occasionally letting my mind wander to what it would be like to live in a McMansion.  You know those huge houses in America with a dedicated room for everything?  A cinema room, a pool room, a wine room, a craft room, a man cave, and of course, the latest craze: the woman cave.  Sometimes called a she-den.  Either way, it sounds quite shady but the premise of it is anything but.  Imagine the luxury of a room just for you and you alone to hang out in?!  In HK, this is CRAZY talk!  A whole room for nothing but one person to chill out in?!  Whhhhhaaaat?  The most fun part though, is to imagine designing a room where you had to please no one else but yourself. This would either fill you with delight or dread.  Perhaps you have been planning for years what your own room would have in it, or maybe you would be your own worst client – completely unable to decide on something!  I like to think I am more like the former, but am actually in real life more like the latter, I fear!

Regardless, I took a look over on Chairish recently. I like to look at websites like Chairish ( regularly as I lust after their amazing vintage décor and furniture. It’s like the most fabulous flea market!  And all from the comfort of your sofa – no need to get there at 7am to get the good stuff. There is something about vintage that can really take a room from bland to amazing.  If you have a room with all new furniture it tends to look a bit like a show home – it lacks soul.  Throw in an amazing vintage piece of furniture or some vintage décor though, and suddenly there is interest and history and personality.  Take a look sometime – just make sure you have some tissues handy to catch the drool.

Anyways, I digress.  I was a little bit excited when they asked if I wanted to participate in a design challenge to use one of a select number of bar stools in a design for a woman cave/she-den.  (We really need to come up with a better name for this sort of space!) Since I have stopped working with my own clients, I find it so fun to work on a design challenge. So here are the bar stools I chose to use:

Phyllis Morris Silver Bamboo Barstools - Pair.png

I briefly contemplated a leather pair with steel frames as they looked comfy and I do love a nice leather chair, but in the end, pretty won out.  If I was creating a space for me it had to be pretty.

I wanted my space to be bright and pretty and to create a mood of happiness, with a touch of glam to it.  I would usually go to my old favourite: gold! Gold everything!  But there was NO GOLD option.  Initially, I was bereft.  How could I possibly do a space with no gold?! Then I started to get into the challenge. I imagined a space with a lovely bar area – not just for cocktails and champagne but also for a great cup of coffee and a piece of cake.  This room is for guilty pleasures, right?!  With a name like “woman cave” surely it has to be?! Anyways, back to my design inspiration: I wanted to have shine still, so I decided on a beautiful herringbone pattern of mirrored tiles in an all white bar area with marble counters.  Actually, it would be Ceasarstone that looks like marble, as key to a dream space is not having to worry about red wine spills on a porous marble counter top…. Their Calacatta Nuvo colour would be perfect I think. I also went with an Anthropologie floral wall paper to add a touch of whimsy, and also bring in a bright floral print to the space. A velvet, brass studded mirror adds in a bit of glamour and soft texture, while the rose pink glass pendant light would let me see the world through rose coloured glass(es) while I am in my sanctuary! Some vintage inspired glassware (these are from West Elm) and gorgeous agate coasters (these are Anthropologie but there are Etsy sellers that have these, too) along with some beautiful abstract art (the Minted from West Elm collection) creates a fun and beautiful bar area that I would LOVE to have in my home to relax in!

Chairish She Den Bar

But it all starts with the bar stools! Classic bamboo with Greek key pattern fabric.  You could take these in so many directions – not just the pretty floral style I used them for.  You could go more geometric with them, go for a maximalist, Hollywood Regency approach with a lot of lavish finishes, or the Chinoiserie angle.  So many options!

Anyways, go check out Chairish – you won’t be sorry. It is a treasure trove of inspiration and unique finds.  The perfect way to buy the statement piece for a room or just the finishing touches.


Please note: I have not been compensated in any way for this post. All ideas and views are my own. I just really love the stuff Chairish sells!

I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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