Design Services

E-Design Services:

E-Design is an affordable way to have an interior stylist help you with designing your home.  It is an online design service that allows you to implement the design at your own pace, as your budget allows. I specialise in affordable design solutions for your home – yes, I shop at IKEA and use their products regularly in my boards!  E-Design provides you with a design board of products for the room. You have control over how many of these items you purchase and when you purchase them.

How does it work?

This is an “electronic” design service, completed primarily online (via email) and with products sourced online.  Firstly, we will have a design consult, which can be completed via email, skype or telephone. This is where we discuss:

  • the room/s you want to work on,
  • what works for you in the space (and what doesn’t!),
  • the sort of interior styles you like, your colour and finish preferences for interiors (soft furnishings, furniture, etc),
  • a bit about your lifestyle (do you have children, pets, etc that may impact design decisions? Do you rent or own?),
  • your budget for the project,
  • any ideas you have for the space (for example, would you like to incorporate some DIY? Is there a particular fabric or furniture item that you have seen and would love in the room?),
  • where you currently shop for your interiors furnishings and furniture.

Before the design consult, which usually takes about one hour, you will need to provide measurements of the rooms to be completed (just a rough sketch is all that’s required!) and 5-10 photos of each room, including the pieces of furniture that will stay in the room.

At this time a 50% deposit payment must be made to secure my services.  Then I get to work!

For this package, you will be provided with:

  • two preliminary design boards, which will then be used with your feedback to produce a final design board. The final design board may include: furniture selections, soft furnishings selections (cushions, rugs, drapery), and/or accessories selections, depending what was outlined in the initial consultation.
  • a source list for the final design board that provides information on where to buy each of the products in the board.
  • if space planning is necessary, a 2-D floorplan of the room will also be provided so you can see exactly where furniture will be placed.

There will be regular communication between us while I complete the design boards to get your decisions on a short list of options for furniture items, etc. Your input is vital to producing a design board that you love and that fits your lifestyle! Final payment is made after the final design board and source list are provided and then it’s over to you, Gold Leader (what, you’ve never seen Star Wars?!)  You can use the exact products I have specified, or use them as a guide or inspiration for buying your own selections.  You can go and buy it all at once, or just buy a few key pieces first up, and then wait to save money for the rest. You might even use a product on the board as inspiration for a fantastic DIY project!

A few notes:

  • paint colour selections are a guide only – test patches must be done on your walls in your home as the lighting in every room of every home is different and paint colours can appear different in these varying light conditions. You may need a to get a paint colour a shade different if it reads differently on your wall to the paint chip.
  • A lounge room and dining room are always counted as two rooms, even if there is no wall between them! The absence of the wall means there is no less time, thought and consideration that will be put into the design scheme of the two spaces.
  • This is E-Design, so as the name suggests, the products are sourced online only.  If you have a favourite store but they don’t have a website to look at their products then a store visit for sourcing is at my regular hourly rate.  In addition, I am very happy to design custom pieces for you to have made but again, this is not included in the standard package and is at my hourly rate. I will provide a capped quote for designing custom pieces before we proceed.


Each room costs HK$3,750 .

I am available at HK$500/hour if you just want to get some design ideas, talk about colour schemes, or need me to help with one specific design or space planning question.


Design Board Examples:


Lounge room design board

photo 1

Bedroom design board

Nursery Design Board 14

Nursery design board

Lounge room design board

Lounge room design board

Girl's playroom design board

Girl’s playroom design board

Dining room design board

Dining room design board

Nursery design board

Nursery design board

Play room and occasional guest room

Play room and occasional guest room design board

Girl's Bedroom

Girl’s bedroom design board

I am willing and able to design rooms for you in Australia, USA, UK and Hong Kong. Please contact me at or on +852 5525 8519 if you have any questions, or to book in your project!


I love getting comments, questions or even new ideas so please feel free to comment!

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