I almost forgot to do some boys nurseries!

Well, apologies to all five of you who read this blog, but I took a bit of a break over Xmas from blogging!  I hadn’t intended to, but with Xmas, then friends staying for a few days and then 5 … Continue reading

Reader Design: Charmaine’s Couch

I have decided to name these sections Reader Designs rather than Reader Redesigns as not everything I do for these will be a redesign! This time round we have my friend, Charmaine and a very orange couch. Charmaine moved into … Continue reading

Nursery design boards… again, but this time gender neutral!

I think one of the hardest nurseries to design is a gender neutral one.  I couldn’t imagine not finding out what I was having (I guess I am not the patient type!) but plenty of people I know did exactly … Continue reading