Flying High…

Well, we survived the flight and our first weekend in HK with a one year old and a three year old.

Just a brief update on the flight today and tomorrow (or maybe Wed depending on how things go!) I will post on our initial thoughts on HK.

We did the flight on Friday. Originally, we were going to come on Saturday but decided that since my husband had to go to work on Monday, we better try to get us all over the jet lag as much as possible before then. It’s only a three hour difference but when your kids wake at 6:30am Sydney time and that is 3:30am HK time, it makes a big difference!

Will has been super excited about the plane ride to HK for weeks. Almost every day for the two weeks preceding he asked if we could go to HK today. So of course, I asked him on Friday morning “where are we going today?” After guessing “daycare?” (Points to him as he would usually go to daycare on a Friday!) and then the Opera House, he was out of ideas! Oh, the excitement when I told him it was THE day when he gets to go on the big plane ride to HK!

So we get in our minibus with our dozen bags/suitcases. I am not kidding. We had 11 checked pieces if luggage plus a back pack, briefcase, my hand bag and two little backpacks that the boys “carried”. I say “carried” because they only carried them part if the time – Mum and Dad had the chore most of the time…


A very happy little boy in the cab to the airport!

Thank goodness for business class and thank heavens for it being half empty! Being under two, no seat was purchased for Alex but there were plenty of spare seats so we ended up with a seat each once we were up in the air.

Will loved the sleeping socks and sleeping mask:


Alex loved bugging Will:


A quick check of the emergency procedures and they were ready for take off:


I will gloss over the next eight and a half hours. Will was a CHAMP. Seriously, couldn’t have asked for a better kid than him. He watched movies, ate his food, loved his “airplane presents” (small gifts they got to unwrap every few hours as part of the Entertainment Strategy!) and was generally an all-round awesome kid.

Alex was good for a 16 month old but containment plus 16 month old’s don’t mix well. The first half went quite well
but the second half was pretty trying on us all. Mostly me. My husband handles these things much more calmly than I do! But we made it alive and without too many of those looks from other passengers. We breeeeeezed through Immigration and Customs in record time, got straight out to the waiting van and came straight into HK.

Then we spent over half an hour looking for our accommodation. Not at all the driver’s fault. None of us could see it. Our temporary accommodation is at a serviced apartment place called ‘V’. Can you see it?


No?! Neither could we! Eventually after a half dozen laps around the block our poor driver had to admit defeat and called the place – I am guessing this has happened before as the guy said he would come out onto the street to show us. And here is an example of the most subtle (and useless) signage you will ever find:


So we made it! And then got upstairs to our apartment and I had to laugh. A slightly hysterical laugh. I have never seen a smaller apartment IN MY LIFE. I have had hotel rooms bigger than this entire apartment. That four of us have to live in. For at least a month. Oi.

It has a lovely modern decor but it’s like someone took a real apartment and put it in the dryer and shrank it a bit. This is the kitchen:


This is the bathroom:


And our bedroom:


The boys bedroom is considered the master I think, since it has the tv and phone in it, but we had to put the kids in it because Alex’s travel crib couldn’t fit into the other room!

And finally, this is the living/dining area that I have to be in with two little boys:


Sorry the photos aren’t better. I could do with better lighting but if I don’t get this post out now, I know events will overtake me and it will not happen! But regardless, no miracle lighting will make this place magically grow. I could really use a Tardis apartment! (And yes, I totally love Dr Who – or at least from the 10th Dr onwards). But alas, there is no more space that will magically appear here 😦

On the plus side, it means that the previously-tiny sized three bed apartment that I thought we would be living in, will now seem HUGE after this place!! There’s always a silver lining, eh?!