The View from Here


So the adventure has begun! Today the removalists came and packed up our Sydney life. I try to imagine what it will be like when we unpack it all in 4-6 weeks. By then, the initial ‘wow’ factor will have worn off HK and the honeymoon will be over I expect – 4-6 weeks in a two bedroom apartment with two little boys will have started to wear thin! So we will all be very happy to have all our things back and be in a marginally bigger place.
Tomorrow they will load everything into a 40ft container and Will has his last day at daycare. I will probably cry a little as Will loves one of his carers, a beautiful girl named Sally. I love that he loves her and she has made his last year there so much fun for him. He is going to miss Sally a lot, I fear. I am going to miss two days a week of daycare for Will!!
Anyways, as my sister said the other night, doors must be closed so the new ones can open. We were not in Sydney as long as I wanted and hoped to be but I am hoping things work out for us to come back here after HK. And there will always be visits! And with a night time skyline like this, Sydney really can turn it on 🙂 A beautiful city to watch with a glass if red in my hand and some super nice Haigh’s chocolates that some lovely person bought my husband as a farewell gift. Life is good.

3 thoughts on “The View from Here

  1. Hey Dee it’s Sally!

    Reading this made me teary! Felt really nice, I really appreciate the lovely words 🙂
    Tomorrow’s the big day and I’ll be sure to remind the kids to watch out for “Wills plane”
    Have a safe flight, positive settling in process and of course – enjoy the exciting new lifestyle! (Very jealous)
    If you come back to visit and happen to be in the area, I know a lot of preschoolers that would love to say hello!
    All the best 😀

    Ps please tell Will I said hello!
    Pps love the DIY you do 🙂

    • You checked out the blog – thank you! We will definitely stop by to say hi next time we come back for a visit. How the flight goes tomorrow will determine timing of our next visit – it may be a while before I can face 9 hours on a plane with the boys again 🙂 Thank you again for everything this past year. And please pass along along a big thank you and goodbye to Jade and Lauren too – we missed seeing them on Wed.

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